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2015 Catalog


Abrasive Coated BeltsOur key to reliable abrasives is that, as a direct manufacturer, we control the quality standards of every product. Our new line of coated abrasives includes not only cloth belts, but also an expanded selection of belt sizes and grits in aluminum oxide, silicon carbide and zirconia. Also new are an expanded range of USA made paper and cloth PSA discs – type S “quick change” discs – type R and type S “quick change” surface conditioning discs – Megacut® ceramic grain flap discs, and floor finishing abrasives.

Megacut® is an industry-trusted brand available exclusively from Alfa Tools.

Showcased in 2015 within Belts | Discs | Rolls | Flap Wheels | Accessories

  • PSA Discs.
  • Fibre Discs
  • Quick Change Discs
  • Flap Discs
  • Flap Wheels Rolls
  • Sheets, PSA Stearate Paper Discs
  • Premier Red Dri-Lube Paper Discs/Rolls
  • PSA Resin Cloth Discs
  • Resin Fibre
  • Megacut Flap Discs
  • Flap Wheels
  • Rolls
  • Floor Finishing
  • Sheets
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