Alfa Tools Introduces Hole Enlarging Core Drills

Contact:    Vandna Ahluwalia

                   Alfa Tools




MORTON GROVE, Ill – June 3, 2016, Alfa introduces Hole Enlarging Core Drills made specifically for enlarging and finishing existing holes. These high-speed steel drills are ideal for use in fabrication, structural I-beams, automotive frames, heavy lattice work and the commercial construction industry. 

Today, two-fluted drills are dominant in the marketplace making them the go-to product for hole-making applications. When it comes to hole-enlarging applications, however end users quickly learn that not only aren’t they able to complete the task, but two-fluted drills will get destroyed leaving the wrong impression that the product is of poor quality. 

“Our research shows us that some end users have been using two-flute drills to enlarge a pre-existing hole, resulting in drill breakage and lost time and money,” said Shaan Ahluwalia, vice president of sales and marketing, Alfa Tools. “Our four-flute Hole Enlarging Core Drills allow end users to enlarge and finish pre-existing holes the correct way, leaving two-fluted drills for their appropriate application of making a new hole.”

The black and gold finish provides heat resistance and added lubricity necessary for close tolerance construction work. Another benefit of the four-flute drill is the smooth finish it leaves, which also saves the end user time since there are no additional tools or finishing needed. Last but not least, the three-flatted shank design prevents slippage in the chuck.

These Hole Enlarging Core Drills can be used in a standard 1/2” capacity drill chuck creating hole sizes from 3/8” to 1-1/16” with a flute length of 1-7/8and an overall length of 4-5/16.”



Alfa introduces Hole Enlarging Core Drills designed with four-flutes, allowing users to correctly enlarge holes.





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